the body warmer

the body warmer

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Good morning!

Looking for a fresh outlook with the pieces i already have in my wardrobe, i choose to give another chance to the body warmer.

      The gilet was originally worn more as a decorative vest during the 19th century in France, embodying style more than it did warmth unlike what we see from body warmers of today. Despite the major change in functionality to a more practical purpose, the actual style of this piece of clothing hasn’t changed much over its history, largely retaining popular features such as its smooth and tight fit.[source:www.]


       Its sleeveless nature also gives the body warmer a layering edge offering much needed warmth for your body without bulking out your arms. Those of you who have tried layering a shirt and a knit under a blazer or a jacket will already know that it is almost impossible to fit another piece comfortably in the sleeves of your jacket, especially if it fits you properly. The body warmer negates this problem entirely, allowing you to introduce another layer or pop of color.

       A lightly padded, down-filled version of a body warmer is ideal. It should be thick enough to keep you warm and thin enough so you can wear it under a blazer or a denim jacket. Your body warmer should fit similar to a waistcoat: cut slim through the body with high armholes to ensure your silhouette remains streamlined and sharp.




OUTFIT: GUESS Jeans, SCOTCH&SODA Body warmer & T-shirt, POLO RALPH LAUREN Belt, DSQUARED2 Sunglasses, ASOS Shoes


       Although you might think that  neutral versions are easier to wear into any of your current go-to looks, you should consider a bold colored design, It will add a statement punch to your day wear looks.

My personal choice is a patched multi-colored body warmer, in a slim fit, with bulky pockets. When undecided how to wear it think that this item can be worn over a t-shirt, a shirt or even a pullover or a sweater or if you want to show it just a layer the best option should be to wear it under a blazer or a jacket. The body warmer is an item perfect in between the season changes, like before the cold weather comes.

You can use a body warmer either you dress-up for sports or to go out for a beer with your friends or a date. Play with it i various combinations, it is so easy!

Feel Good, LOOK Great!


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