black on BLACK

black on BLACK

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Textul in Româna in a doua jumatate a articolului.

Good morning friends,


      We are black lovers! We LOVE black and this is not because we don’t have imagination to combine colors and patterns, it’s because we just LOVE black. We had hot as hell days this summer when we wished for and now it feels so right to wear it when the cold weather is right here.
      Black is not only easy to wear and to be combined with nearly whatever you can find in your wardrobe, it is also extremely sophisticated, this makes black an excellent choice for the upcoming party season. Black is also good to start wearing monochrome outfits, ALL BLACK is a timeless trend.Black will definitely not need to be boring. Make it glam, make it sparkle, add some statement details such as metallic finishes, satin or leather lapels, or some velvet construction. Counting this I put together a black on black outfit as inspiration for your daily stylish workwear, a fine Polka dotted blazer with casual pants and military boots. This outfit is meant to provide you inspiration of how to add an urban touch to your black blazer and white shirt safe combination.
      About the blazer, you can pair a black blazer from a suit of yours as well. If you have a plain blazer or structured one they are also good. I’m sure all of you have a favorite black blazer in your closet that you really like.
     Regarding the pants, my choice is a tapered casual low crotch pant in a material mix. I wanted the pants to give a relaxed look to this sharp blazer, to make it more easy to wear. You can combine several different types of trousers in black and dark grey on this outfit, from skinny ripped jeans, chinos to sweat suit inspired trousers.
      Shoes should be a strong element in this outfit. Instead of choosing a sharp pair of brogues i picked a fine pair of military boots. For a better understanding of the military boots i quoted bellow some information on this topic:
Military boots designed to be worn by soldiers during combat or combat training as opposed to during parades and other ceremonial duties. Modern combat boots are designed to provide a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection suitable for a rugged environment. They are traditionally made of hardened, and sometimes waterproofed leather. Today, many combat boots incorporate technologies originating in civilian hiking boots, such as Gore-Tex nylon side panels, which improve ventilation and comfort. They are also often specialized for certain climates and conditions, such as jungle boots, desert boots, and cold weather boots as well as specific uses, such as tanker boots and jump boots [source: wikipedia]
      The military boots i wear in this outfit were the perfect match due to the height of the silhouette and the fine leather. You can still make this outfit urban by pairing some sneakers or sport shoes in same black.
When you choose the accessories, make sure you put around your wrist a black leather bracelet and wear your favorite sunglasses.
      Feel good, LOOK Great

OUTFIT CALVIN KLEIN JEANS Boots, Shirt & Bag; SCOTCH&SODA Blazer, ZARA Pants, PRADA Sunglases, ALDO Leather bracelet

      Bună dimineața,
      Iubim negru! Iubim NEGRU și asta nu din cauză că nu avem imaginație pentru a asorta culori si modele, imprimeuri, ci pentru că ne place negru. Am avut zile toride în această vară când ne-am dorit să purtăm negru iar acum, când sezonul rece este aici, să purtăm negru este atât de natural.
      Negru nu este doar ușor de purtat și asortat cu aproape orice vă este la îndemâna din garderoba personală, negru este de asemenea extrem de sofisticat, motiv pentru care negru este o alegere perfecta pentru outfiturile de party din acest sezon. Negru este o opțiune bună pentru a începe să purtați outfituri monocromatice, ALL BLACK este un trend ce nu se va demoda niciodată.
      Negru nu va fi plictisitor. Faceți-l Glam sau strălucitor, adăugați câteva detalii statement: accesorii metalice, satin sau piele sau aplicații din catifea. Ținând cont de toate acestea am făcut un outfit urban ca inspirație pentru un outfit stylish de zi cu zi. Acest outfit este menit să vă inspire să adăugați o notă urbană sacolului negru asortat cu cămașa albă. 
      Dacă doriți puteți să includeți în acest outfit un sacou al costumului negru aflat în garderobă, se va potrivi cu siguranță.
      Referitor la pantaloni, eu am ales un pantalon taper casual cu turul lăsat. Am vrut ca pantalonul să adauge o nota relaxată sacoului elegant, să îl facă mai ușor de purtat. Puteți asorta la acest outfit de la jeanși rupți, pantaloni chino până la joggers cu o croială similară a pantalonilor de costum.
      Încălțămintea trebuie să fie un element puternic al acestui outfit. În loc să aleg o pereche elegantă de brogues, am mers pe varianta de bocanci military din piele. Bocancii pe care îi port la acest outfit au fost alegerea perfectă pentru înălțimea lor si materialul din care sunt confecționați. Poți face acest outfit urban și cu o pereche de sneakers sau pantofi sport de aceeași culoare: negru.
      Feel good, LOOK Great
the body warmer

the body warmer

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Good morning!

Looking for a fresh outlook with the pieces i already have in my wardrobe, i choose to give another chance to the body warmer.

      The gilet was originally worn more as a decorative vest during the 19th century in France, embodying style more than it did warmth unlike what we see from body warmers of today. Despite the major change in functionality to a more practical purpose, the actual style of this piece of clothing hasn’t changed much over its history, largely retaining popular features such as its smooth and tight fit.[source:www.]


       Its sleeveless nature also gives the body warmer a layering edge offering much needed warmth for your body without bulking out your arms. Those of you who have tried layering a shirt and a knit under a blazer or a jacket will already know that it is almost impossible to fit another piece comfortably in the sleeves of your jacket, especially if it fits you properly. The body warmer negates this problem entirely, allowing you to introduce another layer or pop of color.

       A lightly padded, down-filled version of a body warmer is ideal. It should be thick enough to keep you warm and thin enough so you can wear it under a blazer or a denim jacket. Your body warmer should fit similar to a waistcoat: cut slim through the body with high armholes to ensure your silhouette remains streamlined and sharp.




OUTFIT: GUESS Jeans, SCOTCH&SODA Body warmer & T-shirt, POLO RALPH LAUREN Belt, DSQUARED2 Sunglasses, ASOS Shoes


       Although you might think that  neutral versions are easier to wear into any of your current go-to looks, you should consider a bold colored design, It will add a statement punch to your day wear looks.

My personal choice is a patched multi-colored body warmer, in a slim fit, with bulky pockets. When undecided how to wear it think that this item can be worn over a t-shirt, a shirt or even a pullover or a sweater or if you want to show it just a layer the best option should be to wear it under a blazer or a jacket. The body warmer is an item perfect in between the season changes, like before the cold weather comes.

You can use a body warmer either you dress-up for sports or to go out for a beer with your friends or a date. Play with it i various combinations, it is so easy!

Feel Good, LOOK Great!


the fur shawl

the fur shawl

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Good afternoon y’all!


      We, men, think that this fur trend is considered a style only exclusive to women even if fur and faux fur coats and shawls are the latest trend that has crossed over from the ladies fashion to men’s. In the 1950’s the fur coats were the epitome of elegant femininity, but lately designers broke the boundaries between sexes and adopted fur in men’s collections to add a touch of glam, sophistication and luxury, even if it is about just some details, an accessory or a full coat.

      Faux fur is trending now on runways and fashion magazines, the look is the same with real fur and this encourages all of us to buy and wear only faux fur (will use fur for faux fur in this article). Wearing fur is something that requires attitude and style, especially when it comes to men. After all, you don’t want people to think you accidentally shopped at a women’s store. Adding a touch of fur to your style is an eye catcher but like anything with fashion your aim should be to gain positive attention, not negative, so like I said above, it is all about your attitude and style when it comes about wearing fur.





      The key to pulling off such a unique piece of clothing is to carefully consider how much fur you actually want to wear. Many coats only showcase the fur on the collar. If you’re a fan of subtlety, then fur collars are the way to go. That being said however, from what we’ve seen at recent fashion shows, full fur coats are fast becoming the next best thing so if you want to take a trip to the wild side and wear full fur, focus on dark tones like black and brown to detract attention away from how overt this style actually is.


      When we think of fur clothing, first thing in mind would be a coat, a collar or a cap. The terms ‘full-length’ and ‘all-over’ will scare you at the beginning – a frightening thought that most gents wearing such a coat will get the Yeti look on maybe a PIMP wannabe look instead of an urban stylish and elegant look. However, although there were several designers who featured adventurous, full-length fur outerwear in their collections, there were a lot more pieces that applied fur in more subtle, wearable ways.


      I propose you to start with an easy piece of fur. My choice is a fur collar as a warm neckwear accessory. It is easy to make it urban wearing it on a casual day outfit like my outfit today, the colors are matching together with the fur and the seasonal fashion colors. Keep in mind that when you wear fur your outfit should be simple, minimal. Fur is already fancy enough and will be the strongest piece in your outfit.


Feel  Good, LOOK Great



the overcoat

the overcoat

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Română în a doua jumătate a articolului!

Hello friends,


I will continue today with another chapter from this season must haves. Let’s have a look at the overcoat.

An overcoat is a type of long coat intended to be worn as the outermost garment, which usually extends below the knee. Overcoats are most commonly used in winter when warmth is more important. In many countries, coats and gowns reaching below the knee have been worn for centuries, often for formal uses, establishing either social status or as part of a professional or military uniform. In the 17th century, the overcoat became widely stylized and available to the different classes.

Overcoats in various forms have been used by militaries since at least the late 18th century, and were especially associated with winter campaigns, such as Napoleon’s Russian campaign. Overcoats continued to be used as battle dress until the mid-1940s and 1950s, when they were deemed impractical. However, in colder countries, such as the former USSR, they continue to be issued and used. When more efficient clothing and synthetic fibres became readily available, the overcoat began to be phased out even there. [source: Wikipedia]

      Designers are re-imagining the overcoat constantly. They add sometimes elbow patches, applique details, contrast velvet collars, raglan shoulders or oversized pockets. We are used with two main styles: the double-breasted and the single-breasted coats.

      The most easy to wear is the single-breasted version of the overcoat, it is more minimal and clean and can be paired with everything from your daily suits to a jeans and Oxford shirt and even sneakers for weekend.

1 .938A5073

If you desire a military look, then you should go for a double-breasted overcoat that is belted or features a half-belt detail. Take these small touches in consideration in choosing your overcoat, they are essential.

When you cannot decide what should be the length of your overcoat, think that you can choose between a traditional full-length style or something more contemporary, a medium length that finishes above the knee.



   My choice for this workday is to have the overcoat combined with a chino pant, shirt and pullover. This is a combo that anyone can wear, it is so easy, I’m sure many of you tried it already. When we speak about the footwear, my pick defines a casual workwear look that you can wear weekdays. If you feel to make this look more urban, go for hi top sneakers in matching color.

      Feel good, LOOK Great!



       Voi continua astăzi cu un nou capitol din must have-urile acestui sezon.

       Paltonul este un model de haină lungă conceput pentru a fi purtat ca ultimul articol vestimentar îmbrăcat, care de obicei este lungă până după genunchi. Paltoanele sunt folosite în general iarna când avem nevoie de haine groase pentru a ne menține temperatura corpului. În multe țări paltonul până peste genunchi a fost purtat de secole, adesea în scopuri formale, definind un statut social, o profesie sau uniforma militară. În secolul al 17-lea, paltonul este restilizat la scară largă și devine accesibil pentru diferite clase sociale. 


      Paltoane de diferite forme au fost folosite ca uniformă militară în secolul al 18-lea și au fost  asociate cu campanile de iarnă, precum campania Rusa a lui Napoleon. Paltoanele au rămas în continuare ca uniformă de luptă până în anii 1940-1950, moment în care nu au mai fost considerate practice. Chiar și așa în țările cu un climat mai rece (ca de exemplu URSS) au fost folosite în continuare. Când alte articole de îmbracaminte mai eficiente și alte fibre sintetice au devenit disponibile, paltonul a fost scos din uz în aceste țări. [sursa: Wikipedia]


       Designerii re-inventează paltonul constant. Uneori adăuga patch-uri pe coate, diferite alte detalii, gulere de catifea în contrast, umeri raglan sau buzunare supradimensionate. Am fost obișnuiți cu două tipuri de palton, cele cu două rânduri de nasturi și cele cu un singur rând de nasturi.


       Cel mai ușor de purtat este paltonul cu un singur rând de nasturi, are un design minimalistic și simplu, și poate fi adăugat aproape oricarui outfit, fie că sunt costumele pe care le porți zilnic la birou sau perechea de jeans preferată, o cămașă Oxford sau sneakers pentru weekend.


       Dacă îți dorești un look military alege un palton cu două rânduri de nasturi, unul care să aibe și curea în talie ar fi cel mai indicat. Dă atenție la detalii atunci când alegi un palton și ține cont de ocaziile la care vrei să îl porți.

       Dacă ești nehotărât și îți este greu să te decizi care să fie lungimea paltonului tău, gândește-te că poți alege între lungimea unui palton tradițional lung  până aproape de glezne sau o croiala contemporană până deasupra genunchilor.

       Alegerea mea pentru această zi de lucru a fost un palton deasupra contemporan combinat cu o pereche de chinos, o cămașă și un pulover. Este un outfit lejer pe care îl poți face fără prea multa bătaie de cap, un outfit pe care îl poate purta oricine. Sunt convins că mulți dintre voi ați facut deja asta. Când vorbim despre incălțăminte, eu am ales o pereche de pantofi casual din pile ștanțată cu inspirație de piton. Dacă vreți să obtineți un look mai urban, alegeți o pereche de pantofi sport înalți de o culoare similara cu cele ale outfitului vostru. 

       Feel good, LOOK Great!

gray for grey

gray for grey

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Autumn came and with it the color palette well rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion. Like we played with the summer trends I invite you to read about 5 Fall MUSThaves.

gray for grey 2

      We start today with Gray for Grey, because you will be cool with anything on as long as it is gray. Timeless and unobtrusive yet at the same time and powerful enough to make an impactful statement on its own, any gray shade is a naturally inspired color that reminds us of things that are real not invented.

gray for grey 7


gray for grey 1


As you might have seen, all the catwalks were dominated by different gray shades this fall and no wonder why, neutral colors are always chic and can go as daywear, workwear or evening wear as well.

My choice for this gray on gray theme includes besides gray a pair of high tops. As you well know the trend to combine high tops to nearly everything is bigger and bigger so if you haven’t tried this yet maybe you should consider it for this fall.

gray for grey 6


I do go for gray as a day color and many times I pick it as an evening color as well. It can be casual or business, sporty or elegant, depending on the way you wear it.

You can make your gray outfit very easy. If it is a daywear choose a gray pair of trousers, either if it is a jogg-pant or a denim one, grab a gray t-shirt printed or just with a nice wash and a jacket or sweater over it in similar color. Make it GRAY!


gray for grey 8





When it’s about an eveningwear I would start in the same way. Pick you grey trousers, try jeans if they are not destroyed and take a plain shirt over, a denim shirt would go as well, and fine blazer, you might have one from a suit.


gray for grey 3




OUTFIT: Calvin Klein Jeans Jacket & Jeans, G-STAR T-shirt, ASOS Sneakers, GUESS Watch, DSQUARED2 Sunglasses




gray for grey 5



Regarding shoes I would go for sneakers or slip-ons for day wear and boots or brogues for the evening outfit. When it’s about the cold evenings choose a nice scarf around your neck to keep you warm.

Feel Good and Look GREAT!





gray for grey 4