The green parka

The green parka

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      Hello everybody!

      Having so many types of different coats available for men in the stores it is really easy to get a little lost. Looking trough the shapes and colours I found myself grabbing a military green parka, a jacket popular mostly during fall season. Not sure how to style up a parka jacket or maybe you haven’t tried wearing one, well that’s what this article is all about, a short guide in my opinion about the parka.


      If there is a heavy parka in your wardrobe you might have the temptation to throw it on you when the bad weather hits and not really think about how you can style it, but getting a parka that matches your look is ideal for you.


      Might be that a parka jacket doesn’t look like the most versatile of pieces in your wardrobe but there are different ways you can dress it up or down to style it your way, to ad d on it your personal touch. There are so many styles available right now from which you can choose, long or cropped, long fishtail or even slim ones and many different colours.



The traditional one is the long parka in military green, usually with heavy filling to keep you warm. This should be easy for you to match it in a casual outfit that you just throw on. You could benefit of the layered look or just take it over a plain t-shirt like I did in matching colour. I chose a lightweight parka to enjoy one of the last warm and sunny days before the winter comes.


When we speak about trousers options to style up with a parka there we don’t have many limitations. A parka will come perfect for outfits like smart-casual, formal, business, relaxed and even urban/streetwear outfits I went for a cropped navy trouser. To make the look even more casual for sure sneakers were my pick for shoes.


If you prefer a slightly smarter look to wear it daily or a casual Friday at work, choose a long parka jacket. Layer underneath it classical smart casual pieces: white shirt, knitted cardigan and slim fit jeans. The shirt and jean combination is a timeless outfit you don’t have to worry about. The muted green helps to brighten the white of the shirt and create a clean contrast with it.


Short guide for your parka

  • Add some colour to your outfit when you’re wearing a navy or military green parka. A multi-tonal outfit will look complex yet put together.
  • Choose the colour of your parka depending on what kind of clothes you wear. If you wear it just in cold season might be a good idea to choose a darker colour. Still, if you like lighter colours, consider a lighter toned parka.
  • Green parkas can give off a warm tone, and are the classic version of this type of jacket. You can try matching it with cool tones like blue or grey or just keep some warm colours like I did with a sunny yellow t-shirt.
  • The parka is an investment being a timeless piece which can be worn years after years without giving an out of date feeling.


Keep on looking great!

Styling ⇒Emilio⇐   Photography ⇒Ion Cota⇐



The fifty shades of Denim

The fifty shades of Denim

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Is it a trend that is so wrong, it’s right?

Fashion rules were ment to be broken from the beginning.
After years of shunning denim on denim it became a hype again?
The mixture of denim is a world of infinite possibilities.


 The revival of denim can easily be blamed on the worldwide bloggers and street style, they all came with new styling ideas of how to reinvent the old jeans in your closet, of how to make them fresh again.

Designers took the initiative as well and redefined the fabric. They played with shapes from trim to oversize, colors from bleached to dark even double washed and changed textures from selvedge to power stretch.


IMG_4349 IMG_4432

What caught my attention is TOM FORD’s approach. The well known designer for his luxurious suits and evening wear is proposing us the denim as the new fabric for formal engagements.

The outfit stays in a faded denim shirt under a suede jacket combined with washed straight cut jeans and a patterned scarf around the neck.

Is this the new definition of elegance? Yes? No? YES!


If you are a “beginner” in denim wear, I recommend you to combine different shades of denim, try a darker denim color for pants and a lighter color for the top. And for the “advance users” I challenge them to wear close washes for jacket and pants and to maybe use a pop of color to break down the denim wall. Use colored or printed shirts/t-shirts and throw some accessories on.


I took this challenge on my own and I mixed with a beige/cognac mix of accessorizes, rolled my jeans and brought an accent of color with a pair of orange socks. For the rebel in you, definitely go for destroyed or destroyed and repaired denims, you will like that too.



OUTFIT: DIESEL Jacket, ABSOLUT JOY T-shirt, SCOTCH&SODA Jeans, DIESEL/GUESS Leather bracelets, POLO RALPH LAUREN Belt, DSQUARED2 Sunglasses, ZARA Scarf, J.LINDEBERG Shoulderbag, RIVER ISLAND Monk shoes.

The trick for the right double denim look stays in the pieces you choose. As long as every denim piece you mix is well structured and fitted on your body you can really make it work!

Feel good, look great