the fur shawl

the fur shawl

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Good afternoon y’all!


      We, men, think that this fur trend is considered a style only exclusive to women even if fur and faux fur coats and shawls are the latest trend that has crossed over from the ladies fashion to men’s. In the 1950’s the fur coats were the epitome of elegant femininity, but lately designers broke the boundaries between sexes and adopted fur in men’s collections to add a touch of glam, sophistication and luxury, even if it is about just some details, an accessory or a full coat.

      Faux fur is trending now on runways and fashion magazines, the look is the same with real fur and this encourages all of us to buy and wear only faux fur (will use fur for faux fur in this article). Wearing fur is something that requires attitude and style, especially when it comes to men. After all, you don’t want people to think you accidentally shopped at a women’s store. Adding a touch of fur to your style is an eye catcher but like anything with fashion your aim should be to gain positive attention, not negative, so like I said above, it is all about your attitude and style when it comes about wearing fur.





      The key to pulling off such a unique piece of clothing is to carefully consider how much fur you actually want to wear. Many coats only showcase the fur on the collar. If you’re a fan of subtlety, then fur collars are the way to go. That being said however, from what we’ve seen at recent fashion shows, full fur coats are fast becoming the next best thing so if you want to take a trip to the wild side and wear full fur, focus on dark tones like black and brown to detract attention away from how overt this style actually is.


      When we think of fur clothing, first thing in mind would be a coat, a collar or a cap. The terms ‘full-length’ and ‘all-over’ will scare you at the beginning – a frightening thought that most gents wearing such a coat will get the Yeti look on maybe a PIMP wannabe look instead of an urban stylish and elegant look. However, although there were several designers who featured adventurous, full-length fur outerwear in their collections, there were a lot more pieces that applied fur in more subtle, wearable ways.


      I propose you to start with an easy piece of fur. My choice is a fur collar as a warm neckwear accessory. It is easy to make it urban wearing it on a casual day outfit like my outfit today, the colors are matching together with the fur and the seasonal fashion colors. Keep in mind that when you wear fur your outfit should be simple, minimal. Fur is already fancy enough and will be the strongest piece in your outfit.


Feel  Good, LOOK Great